Symbol of the Society of Immortals. The Sentinels of Earth

During the time when Dinosaurs roamed the Earth (around 250 Million Years ago), the Transport came to the third planet of the Sol System and delivered the Guardian to this world.

The Guardian was sent to this world by the Master to assure Homo sapiens would not only be the only sentient lifeform of this world, but develop undisturbed by outside forces until humankind opened the door to the stars and ascended onto the Galactic Stage.

The Guardian could not interfere in the internal affairs of Humankind, but intervened many times against non-Terran visitors.

He never acted on his own until after the ascent, but through agents he picked and chose from Humanity over the millennia as he watched hidden from those he was sent to protect.

Over this time he chose 200 individuals, gave them immortality, a high resistance against injuries and immunity against infections and diseases. While he picked those individuals because they possessed special abilities and character traits, he also added superhuman abilities to each of them. Each of the 200 had or has a special ability.

The general human population was not aware of either the Immortals or the Guardian until he revealed himself as the Sarans landed on the White House lawn in 2089.

Not all of the 200 were revealed to the general population and not even the Immortals themselves know every member of this exclusive group.

Only because the Guardian himself spoke about 200 Sentinels / Individuals the number of immortals has been known.

While the Immortals do not age, they do heal fast and do not get sick. They are not invulnerable and can die from accidents or violent acts.

The first Immortal was Bopho and the only one known not to be a true homo sapiens. He was picked from the human species known as Neanderthals.

Name Task Status
Richard Stahl The Warrior Active
Obrock Mc Elligott The Administrator Active
Dr. Isah The Scientist/The Mind Deceased[1]
Cherubim The Hunter/The Eye[2] Active
Bopho The First Active
Rex Schwartz The Industrialist/Unknown Active
Dr. Silberzweig The Financer
Tanaka Zuno The Knight
Archimedes The Thinker Unknown
Leonardo Da Vinci The Artist Deceased
Bismarck Deceased
Sheeba (Sheba?) Deceased
Queen Elizabeth The Queen Deceased
Ghengis Khan Deceased
Ramses Deceased
Max Planck The Physicist Deceased
Saladin Deceased
Richard Lionheart Deceased
Merlin The Wizard Unknown
Yik'in Chan K'awiil The Builder Unknown
Mr. Forn The Shield Deceased
Barbarossa The King Unknown
Kali Sigh The Avenger Unknown
Mohammed Ali Sur The Fist Deceased
H-5 The Initiator Deceased[3]
Aaron Mendel The Negotiator Deceased
Peter Baker [4] The Ranger Active
Phil Decker [5] The Law/The Detective Active/Retired
John McEnroe The Leader Deceased
Aglakti The Judge Unknown
B. Franklin The Reason Unknown
Beethoven The Player-Composer Active
J.S. Bach The Composer Active
Elvis Presley The Singer Deceased

Notes Edit

  1. His mind lives on in a hidden Omnitronic on the Moon.
  2. It is not clear if Cherubim was chosen or not.
  3. Execution was staged. Incarcerated in secret prison. H-5 became insane and used his powers and position to commit horrendous crimes. He was caught and arrested by another immortal, Peter Baker, a former Texas Ranger. H-5 was tried and executed (the execution was staged) and he was rescued by Obrock McElligott and incarcerated in a special high security prison. Mc Elligott believes that H-5 must survive until he had a chance to complete his mission given to H-5 by the Guardian.
  4. Peter Baker, Phil Decker and Wolf Starr were made immortal by Dark Cloud. they are truly immortal and not officially part of the 200.
  5. Peter Baker, Phil Decker and Wolf Starr were made immortal by Dark Cloud. they are truly immortal and not officially part of the 200.