ADCAP-Barracuda Destroyer
Size, LxWxH (m) 154 x 44 x 14
Faction Union
Manufacturer SII Ship Yards
Mass (tons) 9200
[[Property:Acceleration (km/s2)|Acceleration (km/s2)]] 820
Range (light-years) 2200 LY
Complement and Cargo
Officers 80
Crew 120
Passengers n/a
Marines 60
Cargo (tons) 50 metric tons

Class and type: Barracuda Class Advanced Capabilities Destroyer

Propulsion: 4 × Type IV, 2 ISAH PODS


  • 2 × Loki Torpedo Launchers,
  • 20 ship to ship Arrow missile cells,
  • 6 Orbital Bombardment dispensers,
  • 2 x Mine dispensers
  • 4 x Giga Load Translocator Cannons ,
  • 2 x Long range 5 kg TL Sniper cannons
  • 6 TL FTL Projectors – 5000TW/sec2
  • 2 x Multi Beam – Paralysator P9
  • 2 x Tech Stop – T9
  • 12 Cerberus Robots Deep Space Enabled
  • Auxiliary craft carried: 21 x Mini Bison, 2 x All terrain Rovers
  • 2 Cargo Sleds

Shields 3 x ParaDIM Type 9P

1 x DuoDim Security Shield

The Barracuda class has been around for 250 years and is the most common Destroyer type in service. The ADCAP version is a brand new re-design by SII-Shipworx with new Neutronium enhanced armor plating, triple redundancy Para Dim Shields ( Type 9P) and larger engines. The new design also added two Translocator Sniper Cannons with a range of 1 Lighthour and new SemiAI-Computronic targeting.

All new ADCAP Barracudas are Virtu Helm enabled.

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