Academy Applicant

The Academy Entry Process

Any individual that applies to the Space Naval Academy and is entered into the process is called an Academy Applicant. An applicant is technically already Navy Personnel and can be subject to the military rules, laws and regulations.

The Academy Entry Process follows through several stages:



Academy Pre Entry Poole

Individual that goes to a recruiter and signs up. Usually minors are placed in the Pre Entry program until they are adults

Academy Applicant

Individual that arrived at one of the Academy Entries (such as Arsenal Gate) and receives first evaluation testing

Academy Aspirant

Individual that passed the through the Academy Entry Evaluation test phase. Receives first uniform and is tested at an Academy


Individual that completed the Academy evaluation tests and has been accepted to the Academy.

Alternative Career Designee

Person that past the Pre Entry test but was not successful matching all requirements for an Officers career is offered a Career as enlisted personnel


Person that fails all requirements and is barred from the Academy forever.

Academy Pre Entry Poole

Individuals signing up at a recruiting station and pass the minimum requirements : Pre Citizen or Citizen, Above the age of 12 (or Race equivalent) Member of a Union Fleet Service Capable Species[1]. HPI on file and measured.

Such an individual recieves a PEP- Badge and can if offered participate in Pre Entry training and schooling events.

The PEP can opt out at any point, no record is kept.

Academy Applicant

Any individual that is a Union Citizen [2] Member of a Fleet Service Capable Species [2] can travel or ask the Fleet to arrange for Travel accommodations from anywhere within Union Space to any of the 20 Academy Entry Centers such as the one on Arsenal Gate for example. Pre Pooles usuall know what is expected and have gone through Navy Background Checks, but everyone : Pooles and Applicants go through the same process.

Academy Aspirant

A short period between 1 day and one week where further tests are performed to weed out those not fit to become officers. Acaemy Aspirants are examined with the proverbial magnifying glass and detailed records and a master file is created that remains on record even if the Aspirant is rejected.

Alternative Career Designee

Great effort is put into finding the right careerpath for any Applicant. Even if the that individual failed the requirements to become an officer. There are enlisted paths, Marines, Union Army, Science Corps,Expeditionary Marines, System Defense, Union Post Office, Colony Bureau, Union Ranger Service and Federal Police forces that are offered to anyone wishing to serve. Each branch has its own unique requirements and the Career Path Advisors are highly successful in placing Applicants in a branch or service role that fits the personality and prefrences of an individual. Even if an individual opts out of any offerings it is not a Reject.


Rejectes fail in all points of Federal Service requirements. Severe mental problems, personality disorders, insufficent intelligence and criminal records[3] are the reson for complete Rejection.

[1] See : Union Fleet Service Capable Species

[2] Union Citizenship can be granted by Union Fleet Captains to conscripts

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