Academy Pre Entry Test

If a person wants to join the United Stars of the Galaxies Space Navy and become an officer, a Pre Entry Test at one of the Academy Entry Points must be completed.

The Test determines if the applicant has the necessary pre requisite traits and skills needed.


Academy Applicant


Must have completed Union School and have valid CIT



Must have an !Q of 110 or higher

Normal to above average


Must be able to perform all physical tasks required aboard a star ship

Can be augmented with technical aids if species / race cannot interact physically

Psychological Evaluation Pt 1(1)

Must be able to handle stress, have a good sense of right and wrong, must have strong personality and able to lead but also able to receive orders. Must be motivated and able to sacrifice.

There are more psychological conditions tested and checked.

Determined by three independent testers.


Must complete Psi testing

Applicants of HPI of 120 or more need additional testing and instructions.


No illegal enhancements. Cyber weapons must be removed

Detailed Cyber scan


Cannot have outstanding felony warrants

CIT – Background check


Cannot be member or associated with any illegal group or association

CIT- Background check


No illegal Bionetic enhancements or implants

Med Scan


Can not have excessive debts

CIT- background check

Psych Surgery

Applicant must not have had Psych Surgery of any kind

Psych Scan

Physical Health

Must pass Health check

Permanent disabilities that cannot be treated but negated with technical aids can be accepted on a case to case basis

(1) Preliminary Psych test. A second more detailed evaluation is done during Academy Application

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