Acute sense of danger

A not entirely explainable Psionic ability of Roy Masters and all sixth generation Greenies to sense imminent danger.

The phenomenon has first been noticed by the Science Corps in Roy Masters. He displayed and used this sense of imminent danger on many occasions and was able to foil an assassination attempt on a diplomatic delegation and later even sensed an approaching pirate ship before even the ships sensors.

This caused an investigation of the Science Department, but no conclusive results have been reported so far.

Psionic experts from the Saresii University suggest that it might be ability of clairvoyance and to see a short distance into the future. Yet none of the Greenies tested showed any elevated Psionic talent levels on the Heidelberg Psi Index .

Mr. Masters for example has a HPI way below the threshold level where Psionic abilities normally begin to show.

It is also unexplained how this ability is able to distinguish danger from any other future event.

Schwartz Industries dedicated considerable research resources to this subject in the hopes to develop a sensor that could detect imminent danger. Such a tool would be of great value to security units, ship operations and the like.

Yet no breakthrough or even a well founded theory has been made.

It should be noted that even a Narth expert claimed that no Narth has this ability and that this was very intriguing.

There is the long known fact that certain animals are able to sense natural disasters or imminent danger, but this can be explained with animals having keen senses and the ability to react to warning signs. How Roy Masters and other Greenies can feel an imminent dangerous event is and remains unexplained.



See : Future Sense Project of SII

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