Adventures of Captain Herron

Captain herron1
Captain Herron born on the first Terran Colony on Mars shortly after the founding of the Union became famous for his adventures and his hands on approach to problems and situations. His ship the USS Biscay was a Kildare Class Super cruiser (The Kildare Class was a 600 meter pre Uni Design and was retired in 2350)

Captain Herron and his crew, one of the first mixed crews with members from all Union civilizations at that time, became synonymous for news worthy adventures.

His adventures were serialized in a tremendously popular GalNet program and book series. Only the first book was actually written by Lt. Commander Gates and based on true events.

This book is part of the Captain’s Book shelf tradition on every Union Ship and every Union Captain knows it by heart. It is a common expression among Star ship captains to say: “What would Herron do?”

Compared to modern ships and Fleet resources, the Biscay was a primitive ship with weak weapons and shields that could be breached with a modern TKU , yet he managed to overcome superior forces, fight his way out of seemingly hopeless situations by using ingenious maneuvers, tricks and bluffs.

Captain Hieronymus Herron died ramming his ship into a Nogoll battle ship after he had safely ejected his crew. His action saved the population of a Colony planet and bought enough time for reinforcements to arrive in time to defeat the rest of the Nogoll fleet.
Captain herron

Captain Herron

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