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Agra Bot is a general term for any autonomous machine that is employed to perform agricultural tasks. Small farms and ranches might employ S type pr Bukaroo type Multi function robots with landscape or gardening programs and tool attachments. Larger ranch and farm operations generally use large specialized Agra (or Agri ) Bots. Highly intelligent machines specializes to the crop or animal raised.

For example Cattle Bots of Enroe Industries are able to provide birth aide, veterinary services, herd, tend, groom, milk, feed and slaughter cows and similar animals, both in free range or stable and feedlot applications.

The most common Agri Bots are the multi function John Deere models able to tend fields of nearly every known produce, vegetable , fruit or grain commercially grown.

(Agra Bots are first mentioned in Galactic Chronicles Book 6 and play a considerable Role in GC: Farmer’s Almanac 5025)


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