Next to the standard Main Battle suit, the famous Union Quasimodo specialized models are available if mission specifics and mission goals require it.

The Air Assault Version or officially designated the: MBS- 9 Quasimodo Personal Combat Unit optimized for environments with an atmosphere, is almost 3000 kilos lighter than the regular MBS. While all Quasimodos have flight capability, the AAV Units have stronger turbines, more powerful arti grav and additional dog fight and air to air software that the regular MBT’s do not have.

The AAV has also less fire power and its shields are 40 percent weaker, but it is much faster and more agile, even on the ground.

The AAV is rarely deployed and the XI Atlas series that will replace the Quasimodo suits do not have a distinctive AAV version. No real advantage could be seen in having an AAV version.


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