The Anuna

  • Civilization: Anuna</li>
  • Adjective: Anunan</li>
  • Place of Origin: Pleiades</li>
  • AL: 8</li>
  • TL: 3</li>
  • Association: Anunan Empire</li>
  • Status: extinct</li>

    The Anuna were a space faring society that ascended approximately 655,000 years ago in the Pleiades area (now known as Xunx Reach) and surprisingly managed to build a fairly large Star empire on tech level 3 controlling over 23 star systems without meeting other space faring species.

    The Anuna discovered the intelligent but non technical Xunx, the, then tech level 3 Freons (who reached the technical capability to ascent but had not developed any space exploration until then.

    After the Anuna empire collapsed, the previously enslaved Xunx quickly learned and adapted the Anuna technology to their own use and begun to spread.

    The Freons also abandoned their disinterest in space exploration and begun to develop space faring technology. (The Freons abducted by the Anuna as slaves developed into the Ferons)

    The Anuna belonged to the group of species that share human characteristics and genetic similarities that are summarily called the Human Mystery species group.

    , ruled by a hereditary monarchy system with ruling families competing among each other for the throne and the right to seat a monarch, who rules for life. While the Kings power was almost absolute. The ruling families could intervene. Financial power was a considerable factor of power.

    An Anuna expedition discovered and invaded Earth approximately 650,000 years ago but the actual discovery information never made it back to their home world.

    The Anuna were destroyed by a revolution of its slave race. The revolution was orchestrated and initiated by the Guardian and its Agents Bopho and Wilto

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