Since the Assembly is an open affair that is accessible to all Citizens and therefore also for potential spies, it was decided (after the Kermac Presient Chaos of the Peace hawk Incident) to have certain issues pertaining military and secret services discussed by a selected panel of Assembly representatives. The Panel consists of an open number of Assembly reps (any rep can request a seat in the Committee). Such a Rep agrees to an intensive background check and is then Saresii Psi Shield Conditioned. (Who is a member is kept secret and the Committee members do not advertise their post) After an intensive security and mental screening such members receive a Blue-Blue-Green Security Clearance and discuss sensitive Fleet and military issues. The Armed Forces Committee then votes on a resolution and the result is presented to the General Assembly along with non-classified Information:

Example: Union Assembly Docket 43928- 12.12 5012 Armed Forces Committee voted on an issue regarding Kermac Fleet Actitvity along the XXXX Expanse and the reulting Resolution of the AFC is to take local military action with all due force. The Vote was 98% for and 2% against.

Now the General Assembly make a decision regarding this information.

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