Second Planet in the Arsenal System.

Like all Planets in this system it is a designated Military World (Union Fleet) and carries various Fleet Operations Installations. Chioef among them, the Fleet Academy Headquarters. The Planet is an extreme world with sufuric acid atmosphere, temperatures reaching temperatures of up to 800 degrees Celcius. Most installations and facuilites are located underground,except for the Academy HQ which is underneath a dome structure and several spae port landing field facilities. Arsenal II is home to a large permanent Military community and approx. 2 million beings are stationed long term. (Including civilian support personnel, miliary approved vendors and shop keepers)
Several large Batchelor Home cities accomodate single officers, second year cadets and and enlisted personnel. The planet has nine large Underground Cities that are connected via Transplanet Movers. The Cities are:

-Academy Town
-Batchelors Town
-Officers Retreat

Arsenal II is represented by a Military Governor and by a Planetary Representative at the Assembly (usually a Lt or Lt.Cmdr).
While Arsenal II is famous for the Academy HQ, it also hase several specialization schools there (Logistics, Load Specialist, Finacial Services). The Arsenal II Match-Heads are a famous Basketball Team comprising entirely out of Civilian support personnel that won the Silver Medal at the Galympics three times.

Imports: Via Arsenal Gate only - Military Approved Vendors
ExportsP None
Civilian Access: Extremly limited (*)

(*) According to the Union Citizen Access Act of 3212. Any lawful citizen may request access to any Union owned installation including Military Bases, but must agree to background checks and PSI screening. Citizen Act 3212 Section 2 : Citizen must have valid reason for requesting access.

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