The Saresii who are bilogically very similar to humans found the entire process primitive and biologically unsavory. This and the fact that the Saresii society has no male gender expression and all Saresii appear female, it was decreed that the last barrier of womanhood, becomign pregnant and a mother should be either be experienced by all or by no one.
The Saresii developed a technology called Arti Womb. Where the entire process of gestation (pregnancy) happens in a artifical machine. These machines are set in Life Centers. Parents concieve and place egg and sperma in the machine and exactly nine month later a new baby is grown. The so concieved children have no birth defects and can be delivered in a gentle non painful way.
The technology is available to all Union Members and modified to accept nearly all mammalian and egg based life forms. The popularity ahs somewhat waned and now as the technology is around for nearly 3000 years, about thirty percent of all births are delivered via Arti Womb while the rest is still recieved the traditional way.
It is said that the children of Arti Wombs have less access to their emotions and generally have no religious or spiritual desires.

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