Battle Dresser


Auto Dresser technology is around for almost 3000 years and some type of this appliance can be found in virtually every household of the Union.
The military also makes extensive use of Auto Dressers.

The term describes a wide variety of technologies and the capabilities of Auto Dresser vary from type, manufacturer and model.

Basic ModelsEdit

Basic Models contain the physical wardrobe of a person. Provide garment cleaning and storage. Some basic models provide basic garment repair. The actual act of putting on clothing is done manually.

Standard ModelsEdit

The most common models contain the physical wardrobe of a person (or groups like families) broken down into components and base materials. Nanites and robot arms assemble the garments directly into the body of a user.Fashion is purchased via matter and style down loads. (Not all materials and styles can be nanite assembled and need to be physically stored in parts, such as jewelery, weapons, armor,furs,real leathers,all terrain soles, shield belts etc) Standard Models include Dress Rehearsal mode options.

Deluxe ModelsEdit

Deluxe or high end models include body hygiene and grooming functions and virtual reality experience (the act dressing is not perceived and replaced with neural input simulation.

Battle DressersEdit


Police, First Responders and the Military uses special dressers that have weapons, tools, armor and similar items stored in components and assemble these components directly onto a user. Battle dressers usually have no nanite components as this takes too long and rely only on robotic on body assembly.

Saresii Dressers Edit

Saresii Dressers often have a cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery component that allows for cosmetic changes of the body. Ancient Saresii Dressers are products of the first Saresii Empire (Tech level 10). These are ultra rare, almost impossible to obtain and usually over 1 Million years old. Old Saresii Dressers can change a wearers outer physical appearance on a molecular/ atomic level allowing complete sex change, other species simulation (Other species must be of the approximate same mass,size and basic humanoid shaped) Ancient Saresii Dressers are sometimes used by Secret Service agencies.

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