Citizen Identity Tag Implant. A biosynthetic implant carrying the personal information. The TAG data is simultaneous saved at the Central Citizens Registry. The traditional spot of the TAG is the right arm or left arm (if the being has arms) but the Tag is present in virtually every body part.

Evey Union Citizen can have one, but the implant is not mandatory.  CITIs are mostly used during travel. 

A CITI eases and speed up procedures and are equivalent with the old concept of Passports. Citizens may also store a special Citizen Registry access code on a PDD or request a physical Citizen Identification Card. Citizen with these forms of identification may experience longer ID checks at space port control points.

They also must go to a Union Post Office to vote instead of using GalNet.

Current and former Military personel recieve a Military Identity Tag Implant MITI which replaces the CITI and also contains information related to the individual's service.

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