The Caitho

Union Member # 4878

Small seven planets spanning civilization of the Andromeda Galaxy. The Caithor joined the United Stars in 4890 OTT.
The Caithor had a Tech Level 4 society and is remarkable for its utter lack of written laws. The Caithor are driven by a very strict moral and ethical code that is embedded in every newborn. The Caithor have no rulers neither on family nor on social level. Their Planetary representative was chosen by luck of the draw.
The Caithor believe Union Laws to be good (With room of improvement).
They always vote against "Public Execution" but do not oppose capital punishment for the breaking of ANY law. Since breaking the law is unthinkable for them, someone doing it is worthy of being punished.
Caithor slowly adapt to Union life and culture and Caithor Judges and Arbitrators are highly thought after as they have a reputation of being the fairest race of them all.

The Caithor are the only Ammonia based Union Member and require a very secial diet, this restricts them form careers in the Armed Forces. Many serve as civilian support personnel on bases and posts. 


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