Camp Idyllic on Planet Green Eden is one the Basic Training Camps the United Stars Navy operates. It was until  early 5017, year under the Command of Lt.Cmdr. Letsgo. It is now under the Command of Lt. Commander 3984930 (Three-Nine)

Camp Idyllic is on a Garden World and allows much outdoor training. It is famous for its Treasure and Early Settler Mystery.

It was the setting of a major Fleet investigation. And the Wilson Califerm Farm Scandal of 5016.

Camp Idyllic is famous for it's 8 kilometers of rusty barbed wire fence, that needs regular repairs by Cadets (usually a corrective measure.) The wire used for the repairs is made in such a way that it gains an rusty appearance fairly rapidly. The locations needing repair can created (or repaired) by specialized equipment when needed.

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