Captain harris
John Harris,

John Jameson Harris born 4971 on Mars, Viking Lander Town. Father Jameson P. Harris (Union Fleet Engineer) Mother Aura Plana of Titan (Propulsion Specialist) could always see the big space ships being build and fitted when he looked into the sky. He always wanted to become a Starship Captain.
He was accepted at the Academy and due to his excellent results send to Newport Elite Academy. There the freshly appointed Academy commandant Dent, dismmissed Mr. Harris as not fit to become a United Stars officer.
It was then Harris met Admiral Stahl who reversed the dismissal. Harris served his third Academy year aboard the USS Devastator and was subjected to the "Big Test".
After successfully commanding the Devastator as "Acting Captain" for almost 5 weeks. Harris graduated and served nine 12 years aboard various ships as OPS and then as XO. He completed Command School and after a grueling roasting before a panel of Union Captains he was offered to Command the USS Devastator.  Harris is a legendary captain, highly decorated, combat tested and known to be as integer and straight as his famous mentor.

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