Former Citizen of the Seenian Empire, Naturalized Citizen of the Union - Native to Sest of the Empress, Race Affiliaion : Seenian

Former Medical Services Commander of the Seenian Empire.
Cateria was born over one million years ago on a planet that no longer exists. (Cateria’s Home system was destroyed by the Dark Ones and today is known as the Vanderstraad Nebulae)

She was born to a noble family and she chose a medical career. She served as a front line Officer during the last Seenian Offensive campaign in the Upward Sector of the Milky Way Galaxy. Without having anyone else to spare, her Commanding officer sent her with an important message to the throne world. Cateria’s courier ship was attacked and damaged.
The systems of the courier ship put her in suspended animation where she stayed until she was found by Eric Olafson and the Olafson Gang.
At first she fought Olafson and his friends but was overwhelmed and captured.
She being the only Seenian alive was seen as a boon and a security risk by the Union fleet and she was kept in a high security facility.
Alycia Lichfangh had her status changed and Cateria became a Union citizen and entered Medical school. Her knowledge was superior in many cases and equal in all others so she needed only to be brought up to speed on Union med tech.
Cateria has no last name as Seenians did not use last names.
She served seven years as the CMO of the USS Tigershark, during which time she received numerous awards and citations.
After her tour of duty aboard the USS Tigershark she married Shaka Ndebele, the Helmsman of the Tigershark.
She accepted her own command in 5040 as Captain over the Hospital ship USS Albert Schweitzer.

Cateria, M.D.

She is known to be exceptionally cold, emotionally unapproachable and arrogant, however those who know her intimately know her as warm and compassionate woman.

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