Cerberus Robot


Trademark name for the Main Battle Robot manufactured by SII Robotics. Main Battle robot system of the United Stars Navy and Marines since the Y'All Invasion 1500 years ago. The Cerberus line replaced the RAMA Bot series.
While the Navy and the Marine Corps also field the large Mecha Man Series (also of SII) and there are Units using the Hector MBR Series of Enroe Industries, it is the Cerberus series that is synonymous with robotic fighting power and the backbone of robot based Infantry. (The Army does not use Cerberus Robots --> See Hector MBR)


While Battle Robots were used from the very beginning of the Union Terrans especially developed autonomous battlefield fighting machines even before the Ascent. It was the Y'All Invasion that increased the demand for a Main battle robot as the core of the modern Combined Infantry force. Several Companies came up with quite impressive designs and solutions. The Navy and the Marine Corps picked the solution of the SII Corporation.
The system has been updated and redesigned many times since. with the current version being the Cerberus XVI.


Cerberus robots do not rely on hydraulics, motors or other mechanical actuators but instead use Mylo-mylar Synthetic muscles, that give them unprecedented micro precise motor control, strength and speed. Their base armor is based on the same memory flex metal as used by the X101, but incorporate Compacted Ultronit mesh until the XV series that use Neutronium coated mesh.
Cerberus Robots are highly intelligent and adaptive. Very resilient and can operate in all known environments. (the Special Version XV-E is enabled to provide security capabilities to Non Corps)
Cerberus Robots carry a wide variety of offensive and defensive weapon systems. Including Micro Loki torpedoes, Translocator Cannons, Battle Nanite Divisions and FTL-FE Projectors.
There are many add-ons and specialty packages available such as : Standard Infantry, Orbital Assault, Heavy Artillery, Long Range patrol (Deep Space), Base security, SWAT Police Pack, Field Medic (Unarmed), Ship Security, Marine Recon pack and others.

The RECON -Ghost Model is fully cloakable and has extended sensor capability, while the SWAT Police Model has military grade weaponry as well as more non lethal options. The Corpsman model is unarmed and is able to perform field surgery and combat medical services to all known Union species.
The Loyalty and integrity of Cerberus robots is legendary,which is best showcased with Charles.

The most famous Cerberus without question is Charles, one of only 25 Cerberus that have been private property. Charles traveled across have the Galaxy in search for his Master in order to come to his aide. Charles was recalled to SII and is the only Cerberus Robot who received a sentience upgrade and is now considered a lawful Union citizen and not a robot but a Sentmac.
(Charles is currently acts as Union School Teacher)

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