Commander Gwen Hollow

JAG Prosecutor permanently stationed at Lorman's Starbase.

Although Gwen looks exactly like a Saresii, she is a member of The Coven civilization and a member of the Coven Circle.

This is her 11th reincarnation. She was first reincarnated in 1674 in Salem (North American Region Earth). Her first human host body was executed by hanging. She hated Terrans for seven of her reincarnations but always ended up taking Human form. Her last incarnation was on Sares.

Like all Coven Sisters she really is a denizen of the Netherworlds (see The Coven for details).

Gwen is called the youngest Sister as she was the last one that could escape.

Gwen really liked being a human woman and takes her job as JAG prosecutor very seriously. She lives on Lorman’s Starbase where she owns a Lux apartment. She considers Lorman’s her true home.

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