Corsairs -Origin Earth-Edit

Corsairs (French: corsaire) were privateers, authorized to conduct raids on shipping of a nation at war with France, on behalf of the French Crown. Seized vessels and cargo were sold at auction, with the corsair captain entitled to a portion of the proceeds. Although not French Navy personnel, corsairs were considered legitimate combatants in France (and allied nations), provided the commanding officer of the vessel was in possession of a valid Letter of Marque (fr. Lettre de Marque or Lettre de Course), and the officers and crew conducted themselves according to contemporary admiralty law. By acting on behalf of the French Crown, if captured by the enemy, they could claim treatment as prisoners of war, instead of being considered pirates. Because corsairs gained a swashbuckling reputation, the word "corsair" is also used generically as a more romantic or flamboyant way of referring to privateers, or even to pirates. The barbary pirates of North Africa as well as Ottomans were sometimes called "Turkish corsairs".

In recent Galactic History Piracy is a serious problem to established nations. State or gouvernment sponsored pirates are again called Corsairs.

Known or suspected Nations authorizing CorsairsEdit

The Togar Queen issues Raider Patents to Togar and third parties - Togar CorsairEdit

Most prominent and open about it are the Togar. The Togar queen issues Raider Patents to anyone with a suiteable ship and arms. She expectes 50"% of the loot in return for safe harbor at Togar bases and space ports and access to sell loot to Togar markets. Togar Raiders or Togar Corsair are famous and quite sucessful and are allowed to attack and destroy anything that is not Togar.

The First Nestling of the White throat Shiss supports Corsair Fleets (but not to Non Shiss)Edit

Officially denied by the Shiss, it is however well known that the First Nestling offers Patents to rich Noble princes (and a Ship) if they become Shiss Raiders and attack Union, Klack and Nul assets and ships. Shiss Raiders are less likley to board and plunder and usually simply attack and destroy as they get paid with moneym, titles and real estate from the First Nestling.

The Hyrkath - Sponsor Corsair and Pirates on behalf of the KermacEdit

A very devout Thrall Species to the Kermac are not very militaristic, but very industrious and offer other races and species ships, weapons and valuables for becoming Hyrhkath Privateers disrupting and killing Union targets.

The United Stars of the GalaxyEdit

It is rumored that the USotG maintains a small fleet of highly specialized Pirate ships manned by the finest Union Crews to hunt other pirates, conduct intelligence missions and research in areas the Union Fleet can or won't operate.

The Dai-ThanEdit

are technically Corsairs too as they recieve their patent/ command from their Dai Tribe leaders.

The Azure RaidersEdit

It is believed the Azure Throne of the Thauran Worlds sponsors a small raider fleet

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