Vikings 998289c
Council of Clan Leaders

Cultural-social group on Planet Nilfeheim

While the Day to Day decissions and all the important questions regarding Traditons and lawful living are discussed and answered by the Circle of Elders. The Council of Clan Chiefs meets once a Year right after the Yuletide festivities. In this meeting all Clanchiefs - The Leaders fo Old and Young Clans meet and discuss business, Clan relations, renew alliances, declare feuds, fight, announce weddings and deaths. It is an event that can last up to three days. Large amounts of food and drink are consumed and it is very common that the meeting ends in a big brawl fight. By the decree of the Elders Insults and wounds recieved on the third day are done in the Haze of Mead and are of no consequence. Clan Chiefs are not allowed to brag about punches delivered or hold grudges or tell how they recieved bruises or wounds.

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