Union Member #4498

Main Planet: Coven

TL before joining : unknown

Race: Coven - Nether Demonoids/Human

Name of a planet and a Sun deep in the Igras Expanse. Normal navigation and space flight is difficult and nearly impossible in the Igras expanse (for civilizations up to Tech Level 7 it is completely impossible) unless the narrow and twisted paths with less matter are used. Due to its location the Coven planet is virtually unknown to outsiders and has not been visited by many others.
The planet is home to a society called The Coven. (See: The Coven )
When the Coven became a Union Member in 5018 they stipulated that their home system to be off limits (much like Narth Prime). All Trade and interaction is done via a Colony Endora nearby. Planet Endora acts as Trade and Access Gate to Coven. Only very few visitors are allowed to travel to Coven. A special Igras Expanse Shuttle service exists.
Coven does have a Union Post Office, a Union School and a Union Med Center, but is not frequented by Union Postal services or Space Bus Services. Post and passenger service to Coven ends on Endora.
Endorho is

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