Dr. Sam Neuberger

Citizen of the Union. Born on Ceres in the Sol System (4970* - 5058 +) Race Affiliation Terran Human

Xenobiology Specialist and graduated from the University of Venus - Life Sciences. Recieves his PhD at the University of Venus writing his disertation about the Xunx Mating Cycle. Even though the Xunx were extinct at that time, he authored several books about the Xunx, participated in several Archeological-biological expeditons and excavations.
First he worked for the Neugruber Institute for Xenobiological Research on Venus for 12 years before he enrolled into the Science Corps and accepted a research and science posting. He became one of the Head researchers at the Hazardous Xenoform Research Station on Tabernacle 12.
Neuberger was psionically attacked and turned into an Agent for the Kermac and was instrumental in providing two Kermac Agents access to the (then) secret Government Research Facility and affect the release of two Y'All warriors. He also released Orum the Freon that caused the Crisis at Kartania.
A detailed Investigation by NAVINT and a subsequent Court case found Mr. Neuberger guilty of two counts of Treason two and one count of Treason three. The Treason One Charges were dropped . The Court argued that while Mr. Neuberger had no choice as to obey the Kermac after he was under their influence. He made it exceptionally easy for them as he symphatized with theXunx Genocide Accusers and harbored Anti Union Sentiment.
Mr. Neuberger was sentenced for 20 Years Penal Colony and he opted for Psycho Surgery. The Surgery was a success and Dr.Neuberger is a lecturer and teacher at the University of Broomsdale in the Vargas System and openly vocal about his errenous ways.

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