The Drak of the Ithea System

Independent but closely connected to the Karthanians. The Drak are biologically almost identical to the Itheamh. Both species originated from the second planet in that system and identified themselves as Drak. A Colony of Drak on the 4th planet Itheamh eventually became the Ithe. When the Drak made their home world inhospitable by war they too moved (many hundred years later) to Itheamh and oppressed the Ithe. They were supported by the Karthanian in return to make the Planet an Karthanian Outlet. The Drak are much less numerous than the Ithe but use technology, military and similar dictatorial methods to keep the much larger population of Ithe under their control. They also send many Ithe to the Smelter Moons. Biologically there are virtually no differences. The Drak tend to grow a little taller and have a darker shade of purple skin. The Drak through the Karthanians control Tech Level 7 , their own Tech level is 4

The Drak believe in the same gods, eat the same food and their Culture in general is not very distinct or different from the Ithe.

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