The Elhir Clan


One of the Old Clans of Nilfeheim that can trace its roots to the Elhir that came to Nilfeheim aboard the Stockholm Ark.

The Elhir Rock is one of the smallest Clan rocks and completely covered by the Elhir Burg on top of it. While the Elhir Burg is not much smaller than any other burg, the size of the Rock is base of ridicule and many feuds.

The Elhir clan has 453 members (including Free and Low Men)

Clan Colors: Green and White

Herald animal: Three headed Dragon

Current Clan Chief: Leif Elhir

Other notable members:

  • Gunghir Elhir – Elder
  • Sigvard Elhir – Oldest Son
  • Hilfheim Elhir – Brother to Leif Elhir
  • Karlhild Elhir – Wife to Leif Elhir

The Elhir Clan makes most of its income by fishing and Tyranno Hunting. The Elhir Clan is very traditional.

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