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Kermac False Beard 1)Psi Power Enhancer 2)Psi Wave Link 3)Psi Shield 4)Manual Controls 5)Face 6)Surgical Glue 7)Power Supply 8)Power Adapter 9)Neuro Ripper

The False Beards of the KermKermac marvels of micro engineering, biolink tronic, Psionic based technology and highly advanced electronics.

The Beards hollows themselves are highly prized objects de art and kept after the death of a Kermac as a memento to the dead. They are made of animal or hair of slave species and often adorned with gold, precious stones and satin ribbons. Men usually have the more fanciful adorned beards. While it is forbidden to use white as a ribbon color (exclusivley reserved for the Grand Wizard) Silver thread is very popular.

False beards made of Terran human hair are very popular and beards made of the hair of a confirmed dead Saresii can go fo up to 200,000,000 Kerr ( approx 20,000 Union) .

The inside of the beards varies, but always carry a Psi Shield generator. Most also have PSI power enhancers , personal shields and some sort of offensive weapon like a Neuro ripper or Needler.

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