Far Out

1) Far Out Planet

Smallest and last planet in the Corri-Dor System. Small Ice ball of 3500 km diameter without atmosphere.Far Out is still occupied and the Union Border Sensor Net maintenance HQ is to be found here. Employing 566,000 highly talented Sensor and Communications technicians and a dedicated fleet of Sensor Maintenance ships.
There are a few hotels and small businesses. It is connected to the rest of the system via Intersystem Taxi and System Bus.

2) Far Out Station on the Bridge
Bridge Gigamon Station 702

Far Out is the Headquarters for Bridge Defense. Far Out is not accessible for Civilians. It is home to Fleet BC1. And the ELR- Battleship Class is manufactured and deployed here as well.
Far Out has a large community of Attikan propulsion experts and Engineers. One of the Union Fleet Academy Engineering Schools is here as well.

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