United Stars of the Galaxies Police


The Federal Police force of the United Stars is headquartered at Pluribus Unum and has jurisdiction over the entire Union Space. It is under the direct authority of the Justice Department.

Its primary task is to investigate crimes that cross local jurisdictions, enforce federal laws, investigate governments and member societies that violate the basic constitution. ( Members agree to uphold the Declaration of Universal rights if they want to join the Union)

They also act as arbitrator and peace enforcement in local conflicts (Usually with Fleet Back up)

  • The Federal Police has several departments:
  • CID- Criminal Investigation Department
  • COREG – Commercial Regulations Enforcement
  • RANGER SERVICE – Fringe Region Ranger Service
  • GOVAB – Government Abuse Investigation
  • General Law enforcement Departments - on Federal Planets such as Pluribus, Blue Moon, and the Bridge
  • PCU – Psionic Crimes Unit
  • Federal Asset Protection

Many member societies and planets opt to have Federal police departments instead of local enforcement, such as the Ult, Terra (Sol System) and the Klack.

The Nul also adopt Federal Police as direct law enforcement after they joined the Union in 5022.

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