Fleet Base Roth’thk

Established in 4200, Fleet Bae Roth'thk is on the Klack side of the K-U Corridor. It is the home base for the 22nd,33rd, 34th and 35th Fleets. The base is established on Planet Roth't which has been a Klack Fleet Base for more than 5000 years. (The 34th and the 35th used to be KL 98 and KL 99-Klack Fleets)The Planet is a desert like world with a very thin atmosphere and no natural water sources.
(Water and Fuel comes mostly from Roth'tak the Gas Giant in the same system)
Being a major fleet base this Installation is heavily build up with several large cities on and inside the planet, providing living quarters, shopping and entertainment. Several factories producing Klack specific products are there as well.
The base is under Command of COWACOM and the Base Commander dispatches the planet representative which is a Fleet posting. The base is part of the Rapid Deployment Joint Task Force (RDJTF)
Further base missions include to support border security at the Shiss Border area, at the Free Space border area, Patrol and security tasks in Klack, Archa and Shaill space.

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