AKA: Frankensteins, Botch FreaksEdit


Botched cyber implant jobs done by underground, non licensed cyber clinics. Genetic Cross Species grafting that went wrong, Cross species breeding that results in living results that otherwise should not exist usually between species biologically completely incompatible and not sanctioned or recommended by official Gen-Mix Facilities. While Cross species civil unions are welcome, promoted and legal, the Union government allows cross- species grafting on planned off spring DNA only between very few species and prohibits any experimentation in this area. While Gene code mixing and adapting is technically easily done and possible, long experience has shown that such attempts usually led to very sad results and individuals that do not belong to either society, have biological needs and body functions that work against other functions.

Successful Trans species splicing individuals between approved species are called Mixers. Mixers are socially exotic and usually very popular. The botched and bad examples are called Frankensteiners. Since the individual had no control over the criminal activities that caused its existence, Frankensteiners are not criminals, but do their sometimes severe problems often treated as social misfits.

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