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Galactic Chronicles IX: Eric Olafson, Space Pirate
Early edit
Chapter number 0
Current GC IX: Prologue
Next Chapter 1: Alone

As I am sitting here in the sun drenched room of my tower to continue writing down my story as I have been asked by my best friends, my mind wanders back to the beginning. It had all started right here on Nilfeheim, Back then I was Eric Olafson, born on this cold beautiful world with no idea what my life would bring.

Now as I look over the sparkling wave crests of the Northern Sea during this beautiful clear Shortsummer day I can almost hear my father's voice, his heavy footsteps coming up the spiral stair case leading up to my room. I could remember the fear I had, expecting another trashing with his steel cable whip. Whenever I looked back I also remembered the night when he killed my mother. These ghosts of the past no longer affected me the same way as they did back then, father had died 255 years ago and I had seen things and witnessed events much scarier than him or anything on Nilfeheim for that matter.

Now that my human existence draws to an end even the horrible memory of seeing my mother die did not feel as intense as it once did. I no longer hated my father I was able to make my peace with him as he was dying and I hoped he would find a place among the fallen warriors in Valhalla and drink mead and celebrate with the Aseir.

The Burg had changed, not much but it wasn't the same place I had left so long ago when I boarded a Space bus to make my way to Arsenal II and to theUnion Fleet academy. Elena my sister had not only been the first female Clan Chief in Nilfeheim history, she had remodeled and improved the burg during her time. Gone were the gray Duro-crete and rough rock walls. The burg was now white and had nice dark roofs and it looked actually quite impressive and regal now. Elena had made the Olafson Clan the richest and most prominent Clan and she was deeply respected by her still all male peer. All Clan chiefs of Nilfeheim had gathered at her funeral and even the Circle of Elders paid her highest respects by giving her a full warrior's funeral.

The day I would leave this world for the last time was not far away, but before I make my journey to Narth Prime I will complete my story as I had promised.

Sometimes you will notice I am telling this story out of a perspective of someone else, these Interludes I find are necessary to give you the reader a more complete picture of the events that I am telling you about. I am using what my friends have told me and a little artistic freedom whenever I am switching the point of view.

So if you like follow me again as I tell you the next part of my story and the events that followed after I apparently died during the final Challenge to win the Reagan trophy.

A Narth (Formerly known asE. Olafson, Admiral Ret. USotG Navy) March, 12th 5379

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