GalNet Terminal

General term describing any device that is not worn or carried with a person (Personal Device). GalNet terminal offering a wide variety of functions standard PDD's cannot.

There are two kinds of GalNet AE Terminals: An Avatar enabled Terminal is able to project a hard light , holographic presentation of another person , object or environment. A person or object can be touched, seen from all sides and interacted with. In order to participate as Avatar , an additional piece of equipment is needed. The so called Avatar couch or an Avatar Energy Bubble provides a participant with the Virtu Experience of being elsewhere.

As per Assembly Act Public Terminals must be provided and citizens have the right to communication and Public Terminals can be found at all public areas such as Parks, Space ports, Public Transport hubs.

On Planets of a Civilizations Status of P500 or higher virtual Terminals "Speak into the Air" Systems are available and Field screens, Field optics and acoustic sensor fields can be projected and the need of physical terminals is limited

The Main providers are GalNet and GalCom

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