Gal Drifts

aka: Galactic Drifters

the term Gal Drift describes both a subculture as well as an individual of this subculture.

There are different types of Gal Drifts and sub-classifications.

Real Gal Drifts

Individuals who reject Citizenship conciously and oppose all forms of Government, but do not want to start their own Colony and work. Real Gal Drifts are of the opinion Society owes them and everything should be free. No laws should govern their lives and any form of authority is to be opposed. Gal Drifts live on Space ports, in public parks of large cities or in temporary camp sites. They refuse to work (including to establish their own settlement) And live off of panhandling, petty crime such as stealing and picking pockets. They run a thousand diffrent schemes and cons travel by hitchhiking or as stowaways.

ZEUS the Union Computronic estimates 5-8 Million True Gal Drifts Union wide. Since most Individuals of this group are Non Citizens, exact numbers are not available. There is a Former Hard Core Gal Drifter named Harold Rool that publishes a more or less regular Galnet Newsletter.


Real GalDrifts refer to Student and "Vacation Gal Drifts" as Fakers. Persons or individuals who do not give up their Citzenship. Persons who have a place to go back.

There is an Official Assoication of Gal Drifters at Pluribus Unum, complete with Magazine, Gal Drift "Products", GalNet Channel. Approximatley 20-40 Million Citizen "Fakers". Faker Numbers shift as many are only living the life style for a while (like after College etc)

Non Cits

Persons and individuals who never went to Union School, Illegal Immigrants from Non Union Civilizations that for one reason or another can't or won't apply for Immigration procedures. Children of GalDrifts. Individuals who try to hide among the GalDrifts because they are wanted by the Law etc.

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