Galactic Chronicles Book XEdit


GC 10: Eric Olafson, Stars ship Captain

Vanessa Ravencroft, McCullough County, Texas 2011 ©


This is the tenth book in the Galactic Chronicles Series and the 5th book in the Olafson Saga

Eric Olafson, born on a cold world called Nilfeheim raised under harsh conditions of a very traditional inward looking society of Neo Vikings left his planet to fulfil his dream to become a Star ship captain. He had reached that goal...

Chapters Edit

0Note, Dedication, ForewordGC 10: Eric Olafson, Stars ship Captain
1Brhama PortChapter 1: Brhama Port
2Back on Sin 4Chapter 2: Back on Sin 4
3Trash IslandChapter 3: Trash Island
4Dimon HonshuChapter 4: Dimon Honshu
5Duke DonheerChapter 5: Duke Donheer
6Death FightChapter 6: Death Fight
7The Gray NulCHAPTER 7: The Gray Nul
8The End of Sin 4Chapter 8: The End of Sin 4
9The Dark OneCHAPTER 9: The Dark One
10Back at Alvor's CoveChapter 10: Back at Alvor’s Cove
11Purple WormCHAPTER 11: Purple Worm -raw
12ItheamhGC 10 Chapter 12: Itheamh
13ShogotrzCHAPTER 13: Shogotrz (GC Book X)
14AmbushChapter 14: Ambush (GC X)
15Prelude to BattleChapter 15: Prelude to Battle (GC X)
16Bar FightChapter 16: Bar Fight (GC X)
17Oghrs and SlavesChapter 17: Oghrs and Slaves -New version

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