Glagadrinn Desert
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Name of an ocean sized desert on Planet Alvor’s Cove. The desert once was the floor of a planet spanning ocean before the flaring sun cooked of all surface water. The Desert is vast and full of secrets and dangers. A local society known as the Desert Scavengers prowl across that desert to collect a wide variety of natural goods and materials; among the items they collect are:

  • Water from Sub Terran Water sources
  • Tutu Cactus buds
  • Tutu Cactus flowers
  • Tutu Cactus roots
  • Mineral oil from open petroleum pits
  • Dawal Lizards
  • Gold and Silver ore
  • Snakes
  • Sand Bugs
  • Copper Nodules
  • Minerals
  • Salt

At first the Glagadrinn looks empty and lifeless but local life forms have adapted and the sand and dust fields are full of life.

Rumors exist that there is a Celtest (Seenian) ship buried in the sands.

The desert is known for strong storms and tornadoes.

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