Gunter Eikson

Citizen of the Union, Planet Nilfeheim. Race Affiliation: Terran Human

Son of Agust Eikson of the Eikson Clan. The Eikson Clan has always been famous for their swimmers and their underwater fighting abilities.

Gunter, who normally lives at the Eastern Hemisphere of Nilfeheim and has little contact with the clans of the Western Hemisphere, was asked by Egill to train Eric Olafson in Underwater Martial Arts.

Gunter, who is considered the greatest Master of vatten krigare, the ancient Nilfeheim water martial arts, rarely accepted pupils but he immediately traveled to the West to comply with his friend's request. Eric never knew that Gunter Eikson asked him to be his pupil because Egill had arranged for it.

Eric became the last pupil Gunter ever trained. He considered Eric his master achievement and said that once you created a masterpiece you did not need to try again.

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