Halstaad FjordEdit


Main City of Planet Nilfeheim. Nilfeheim ahs approximatley 500,000 inhabitants of which are all human. (No non humanoid citizens are currently living on Nilfeheim. ) The City is to be found on the largest Island of the planet Called Biforst.
The Cities buildings are made almost exclusivley from local rock and durocrete. Buildings in the Low Man districts of the Southern part often have thick dried Seaweed roofs.
There is one City Park of 12 Acres , called the Aseir Park (Was later renamed into the Astrid Mossberg Park).
Due North is a Space Port.
the City features 2 Hotels, 2 Banks and a Libary.
Main Employers are the XChange and about 40 Fish and seafood processing plants. There are Leather tanneries in the southern part.
A unique feature is that all surface roads are duplicated in a tunnel system that is used during the seven Years of Longnight.

Halstad Fjord

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