Lt har-hi


Born: Hi Tribe Dai Mother, 4997 OTT

Race Affiliation: Dai Than

Union Citizen

In the history of the United Stars of the Galaxies, there are many heroes, important figures and those who claim to have made an historic contribution. Very few however could compare to this Dai Than.

Har-Hi is the son of the tribal leader Tar Ka-Hi. As it is traditional with Dai Than (until 5019), women do not carry names and his father maintains a harem of 24 women of which anyone could have been his mother. He is fairly sure who his mother is though, and he calls her Wle-Hichi (Life giving female). She is also his father's favorite female companion of over 30 years.

Like his many brothers (sisters were kept separate and also received no names) he was raised under the tutelage of a Nanny. In his case a very ugly looking Laurin Oghr woman named Juterkri (Har-Hi has never talked much about her. The only reference to her can be found in Erica Olafson aka the Dark One’s famous memoirs)

From birth, he was rigorously trained in hand to hand combat, weapons and the operation of space ships; especially the famous Dai-Than fighters. In addition he received a deep education about Dai History and Xenology.

Har-Hi competed at the Thana Shoo Championship fights as one of the youngest competitors and became the undisputed Champion in all disciplines.

After his father decided to join the United Stars of the Galaxies, he was sent to the Union Academy to become the first Dai Than to complete the Academy and become a Union Fleet Officer.

Har-Hi excelled in many disciplines and became an elite cadet, despite much mockery and adversity from other cadets (see Cadet Har-Hi). During his third Academy year he meets Eric Olafson and becomes his best friend.

As part of the Olafson Gang, Har-Hi is involved with bringing 33 new civilizations into the Union. He is substantially involved in solving the Karthanian problem, assists Eric in changing the History of the Togar, solves the Dai Than problem and is involved in many other feats.

Among his greatest feats must be his involvement in the Restoration of the RULE and setting the Universal balance right once and for all.

Har-Hi eventually becomes a Starship Captain and commands the USS Harbinger for 11 years.

In 5044 Har-Hi marries Sekhet Nefertiti Elfiatra the Precious (Elfi) and has four kids with her: Eric-Hi (Er-Hi), Shea-Hi, Erica-Hi, Mao-Hi.

Har-Hi and Elfi move to Narth Prime in 5093.

In 5102, Har-Hi and the other members of the old Olafson Gang are reported to have left Narth Prime in a strange spaceship and have not been seen after that.

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