Hasvik was the first settlement on Nilfeheim , built at the foot of Mt. Muspleheim and right after the first ark ship Stockholm made landfall. The settlement was abandoned in the third year of the first Longnight, the settlers moved to Biforst and the 5 Clan island area of the Uhim grounds .
The Halls of Hasvik (the original Temple structure to worship the gods and the Vault of "forbidden Technology" remained at Mt. Muspleheim.
Sif Arnske (later Sif Olafson) conducted the first Archeological dig on Nilfeheim in 5085 and removed much of the permanent ice cover. Many artifacts of the first settlement were found and are now displayed in Nilfeheim's first (and so far only) museum. The Hasvik settlement is frequently visited by archeologists and early settlement period scholars. As it presents an unprecedented view into the life and details of the first period of an early settlement during the Second Exodus Period.

Hasvik, EarthEdit


Hasvik is a municipality in Finnmark county, Norway. The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Breivikbotn. Hasvik was separated from the municipality of Loppa on 1 January 1858.

Hasvik is situated on the western side of Norway's fourth largest island (other than Svalbard) Sørøya. Most people are to be found in a string of settlements along the western coast: Breivikbotn and Hasvik being the main ones.

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