Union Member species- Native to Andromeda - Homeworld : Hoto

AL 8TL 7 +

The Hotoreth have been known to the Pertharians and the Blue even before Union times. Contact was sparse, as the Hotoreth occupy a 172 system expanse virtually on the other side of the Andromeda Galaxy . They developed a solid TL 7 .

They also had steady trade contact with Golden Bazaar Nagomir's Rock (one of the four Golden Bazaars of the Andromeda Galaxy )

When the Golden joined the Union , and while the “Welcome Wagon ” arrived at Nagomir's Rock, a trade convoy of the Hotoreth arrived. First Contact was made person to person on the Bazaar and further and deeper contact was immediately agreed upon. A fact finding delegation of Hotoreth was invited to Pluribus and were given a Grand Tour.

The Hotoreth were impressed and praised the fact that there were many lizard , sauron and dragonite species already Union members . Of course the fact that the Pertharians were a Union species was also a point the Hotoreth valued as a positive aspect (the Pertharians had a terrible reputation of aggressiveness in the Andromeda Galaxy)

The Hotoreth applied for Union Membership in 5031 and have been welcomed as new member in 5033 .

The first Hotoreth Union Fleet officer was given the Big Test by Admiral Stahl and received his Commission to Captain and his command over the USS Bayern in 5048 . (Captain Ken ti Hoto )

Hotoreth integrate well and the Distant Shore – Hoto Planet Space train connection was completed in 5049 , connecting the distant Union Member to the Union wide traffic net.

The Hotoreth integrate well and enjoy Union military service and can be found in all branches.

Hotoreth science and technology was well developed and the Hotoreth Needle , a serious contender to the Loki Torpedo .

Biologically they closely resemble Dinosaurs and are warmblooded . They procreate by laying 2-4 eggs, that are tended for by male and female. They have a strong sense of family and the male and female bond for life.

They are governed by the first family. A male and female Hotoreth with equal decision powers, akin to a king and queen. Union laws have been readily accepted.

The average member of the Hotoreth species is at the upper limit of the standard BaPhy and reach a length of up to five meters, but stand only about 250-300 cm tall

They are carbon based and carnivorous , but can tolerate herbivore diet in small portions. Cooked and roasted food is a recent discovery and they enjoy roasted meats and are great fans of BBQ and open fire roasted meats. (LDLS )