Hutmi-Lizard Eggs

Eggs laid by the Hutmi Lizard, native to the Planet Alvor's Cove. The Hutmi Lizard, one of the smallest lizards of that planet lays four to five jelly bean shaped and sized eggs or a bright red color.
If the eggs were properly fertilized, new Hutmi Lizards hatch after three to four hours.

Due to the small size of the eggs, the relative rareness of the lizard, these eggs are hard to find.

Hutmi Eggs are considered a delicacy by many beings, can be found in super lux restaurants. Especially the Shiss consider the Eggs the finest delicacy and aphrodisiac.
Derek Simmons of Harvest 12 settled on Alvor’s Cove and begins a very successful Hutmi Egg Farm Operation.

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