Isegrim Olafson
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(* 4962 -5061 ┼)

Isegrim Olafson was born on December 5th, 4962 on Planet Nilfeheim and on the Olafson Rock (the Olafson Burg). He was born to Grimhild Anderson of the Anderson Clan and Volund Olafson, Clanchief of the Olafson Clan. Isegrim also has a brother Hogun Olafson and had a half brother, Harkun.

Isegrim married twice: First Ilva Ragnarsson (Eric Olafson's Mother) and then Gretel Hemstead.

Isegrim fathered two sons : Eric Olafson and Tyr Olafson. ( Lothar was not sired by Isegrim) Isegrim Olafson murdered Eric's mother while Eric watched while he was five. Isegrim raised Eric in a most diabolical, tyrannical manner. Some of it was caused by psycho drugs adiministered by Gretel, but the Drugs only lessened hs inhibitions to be violent.

He tried to attone for his deeds by embracing Elena Olafson and making her the first female Clan chief of Nilfeheim.

SPOILER ALERT; (Do not read if you want to be suprised)

Eric visits his father when he becomes the Dark One and banishes his father to a Nether region where he is whipped to death every hour, but as Eric makes the Decission he frees his father from this punishment. Isegrim lives the rest of his life a broken man and fears death more than anything as he seen what could happen.

Isegrim dies on Sep14, 5061at the age of 98 .


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