Narth /Terran Technology

This highly classified device was manufactured by Narth and DeNoir Inc. exclusivley for the FISH project (so far). The Janus Device allows any object to change its outer appearance both visual and physical. The Device manipulates energies and matter.
The Janus Device places " simulated Matter" inside a hard light (form field) energy cocoon of the desired new form and solidified with the desired material characteristics. The Janus Device also emits the neccesary emissions to make the so creates Janus appearance visible to all known sensors. Biological and techno based sensors.
The Janus Device was first installed in the USS Tigershark (Several smaller versions were used in the Tigersharks Auxillary vehicle compliment) and later another one was installed in the Tigershark -A.

The Device exact specifications and workings are known to only a handfull of individuals (outside of Narth).

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