Kermac Prime,

A  system in the Upward Sector and the closest occupied system to the Galactic Core. The System is dominated by a young Main Sequence Star named Kermac Prime. There are 14 planets of which most are uninhabitable Gas Giants. The three rock core Planets are occupied and settled by the Kermac. All three planets are extensivley terraformed and are under weather control.
The three Planets are called the "Most Important Planets of them all 1,2,3" ( Krthema, Krthemo, Krtheih) And together also known as Kermac Prime. The Kermac are so important and so advanced that one main wolrd would not do.
The System is not the home system of the Kermac. They moved here after abandoning their true homeworld Koken, about 1 Million Years ago.

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