The first Archa to join the United Stars Navy. Former Rear Admiral and Co founder of Archifrost Inc. Kra Krabbel could easily be considered to be one of the most famous individuals from Archa.
He was born on Archa in 4996, 13 years before the Archa joined the Union in 5009. He was among the first Archa to complete Union School and the first to apply at the United Stars Fleet Academy.

==Military Career==
He completed his first Academy Year with distinction (receiving best in class honors) and specialized in Navigation during the second year, demonstrating the natural talent of Archas for that field.

Krabbel was picked to serve his third year as a Midshipman aboard the USS Devastator and became a member of the Midshipman team "Olafson's Gang".

As part of the Olafson Gang Krabbel broke every possible record that could be broken by a Midshipman (except those for deleterious conduct). Krabbel was instrumental in the Olafson's Gang team winning the Reagan Trophy for the Devastator.
Krabbel graduated and was promoted right away to Full Lieutenant by the Admiral of the Fleet.
He then became the Navigator for the USS Tigershark and served under Captain Olafson for 9 years.
After serving with further distinction and being part of the "Most important Decision (a highly classified event) rumored to be a Historic event like no other, Krabbel (and Mao Vouza) served 4 more years aboard the USS Dominator directly serving under Admiral Stahl.
Krabbel received his own Command over the USS Eric Olafson in 5033 and made history by taking the first visual Image of the Local group and setting a new record for longest distance to Union Space Center.
As Captain of the USS Eric Olafson he makes seven first Contacts and is the instrumental factor in the decision of the Urot of Leo II to apply for Union Membership.
It should be noted that during that famous expedition he named 32 Star systems and 54 planets after Ice cream flavors.
Krabbel was promoted to Rear Admiral in 5039 and served 4 more years as Academy Commandant at Arsenal II. He retired from Union service 5043 in and opened a successful Ice Cream specialty Company with Mao Vouza. (Famous for its Archa triple Soft Serve Mega Bomb with Archa Sunglasses Prize)
Krabbel moved to Narth Prime in 5122 (no further information available)

Krabbel is an Archa measuring approximately 5 meters from leg tip to leg tip, weighs 320 kilos under one Gee. he is an accomplished Martial Arts expert in various Archa fighting disciplines. An expert in Dai Sword fighting, Blaster and Small Arms expert.
He is highly decorated and received the Medal of Honor.

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