Log DroneEdit

Spacecraft do get lost and destroyed due to many reasons. Enemy contact, accidents, system or sentient being failure and so forth.

For this event, every United Stars Starship carries a special autonomous system called the Log Drone. This device is separated from all other Ship systems. Has its own Computronic, energy and propulsion systems and so forth. It constantly records all Bridge conversation, all sensor data and all Log entries made by the Captain, Officers and Department heads. The Drone will be deployed after Self Destruct has been triggered, hull failure is imminent or the sensors notice similar catastrophic events. There is a special command the Captain can use to send the Drone on its way. The Drones use a special low speed TransDim Isah Drive and it always aims for the Geographical center of the Local Group (between Andromeda and Milky Way Galaxy) If the Drone reaches Union space and receives the Navy Command Base Wave Alpha, it makes itself known via GalNet Military Channels and changes course to Earth. Should the Drone not pass through Union Space or "there is no Union space left" it continues to the Gravitational Center where the Deep Space Station Union Central is located.

The content is analyzed and, if necessary, rescue or revenge measures are taken. All Captain's Log books of every ship ever are kept in data and paper-bound version in Annapolis Tower, Earth.

A special section is the Hall of Lost Ships.

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