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The Terran weapon system known as the Loki Torpedo is a direct development out of the famous robotic long range Anti Planet Bombs United Earth had used against the Xunx and the Freons. Of course Loki torpedoes are much smaller and not capable of destroying a planet, they are among the most sophisticated anti-ship weapons ever conceived and constantly improved.

The current XI type comes standard with a 1000 Kiloton warhead (Anti-matter), accelerates with over 1800 km/sec2 and has a range of up to 1 light year. Loki Torpedoes are highly intelligent and can adapt to the evasive tactics of their targets. A Loki torpedo can go into linger mode and wait for years for its target to appear. It has advanced camouflage capabilities and can switch from single to multiple warhead use depending on the target. Loki torpedoes are well shielded and feature a unique force field cone that is designed to cut through most force fields.

Loki Torpedoes are manufactured by Enroe Industries and are the standard anti-ship weapon of the Union Navy.

The latest LOKI-Ghost version that was first deployed with the USS Tigershark can cloak and appear invisible to most known sensors.

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