Mace Class Battle Ships


2500 m The Mace Class was introduced first in 4200. Originally designed to replace the Leum Class as a light to medium Battleship (Pocket Battleship), it was conceived by Enroe Capital Ships Inc. It departs from the traditional wedge design and has a cylindrical main hull. Main feature of the Mace Class is the large mission module head. The ship can be configured to many different roles in less than an hour. It can be configured from Battle Ship to Hospital Ship, Fleet Tender, Troop Transport, Explorer or Survey Ship. While this ingenious feature was somewhat lost to Union Fleet decision makers and only seventy Mace Class ships were ordered and only six complete sets of modules. However the versatility was not lost to the Science Corps who ordered 5.400 units and new designed Mission Modules such as : Life sciences, Planetary Survey, Solar Survey and similar. In 4998 four of the Mace Class ships of the Fleet were refitted as test platforms for the Armageddon project. In 5018 Fleet Command ordered an additional 500 Mace Class Ships from Enroe without Mission modules. These ships are dedicated Weapon Platforms for the Armageddon System and have been sent to the Fornax Cluster – Forward Fleet Weapon Test Facility.

Specs: Crew : 3,200

Acceleration : 455 km/sec

Range: 5500 Ly

Trans light: 5.5.Isahs

Main Armament: Various depending on Mission Module

Shields: Triple Redundancy TransDim

Aux Craft : 10 Wolfcraft Wings, 12 Thor Gun Boats, 2 Barracudas, 4 Scorpions

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