Branch United Stars Navy
Grade OF-00

A midshipman
used to be an officer cadet, or a commissioned officer of the lowest rank, in the United Earth Spatial navy. It is now used to denote an Officer's Cadet in his or her third and fourth year that serves aboard a ship.Usually Ships of the Line have at least one but usually nine Midshipmen (Midshipman Groups) ont he roster.
The Nine Officer doctrine is derrivef from the Nine traditional Bridge Duty Stattions aboard all Union space going vessels. Fleet Command often keeps so called Syn teams together even after graduation.
Officer Cadets that serve their third and fourth year not aboard a Vessel (usually Cadets that do not specialize in any of the nine Ship Duty Station fields) remain being Cadets until Graduation.
Commanding officers of ships under way have the traditional right to raise experienced Spacers (Non Commisioned and Enlisted) to the Rank of Midshipman. This rank is usually permanent and the highest rank an Enlisted can achieve.(unless said individual enters the Academy evaluation process) This Misdshipman rank carries the same pay and rights.

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